Chief Transformation Officer

What is the role of the Chief Transformation Officer and why do you need one?

Introduction: what is a Chief Transformation Officer? A Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) is a senior executive who is in charge of leading an organisation through a period of change. Organisations usually create this role during times of crisis, disruption, or major transition, when an organisation is facing significant challenges that require transformative solutions. The board […]

Chief Digital Officer

What is the role of Chief Digital Officer?

As digital transformation becomes a more pressing priority for businesses, the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is emerging as a critical position for companies looking to thrive in the 21st century. The CDO is responsible for ensuring that the organisation’s digital strategy aligns with its overall business goals, and oversees all aspects of the […]

successful Digital Transformation

10 key roles for successful Digital Transformation

As your company embarks on its digital transformation journey, it’s important to identify and assign the right roles and responsibilities to ensure success. Here are 10 key roles that you’ll need in order to make your transformation a success.Each of these roles is critical to transforming your business, so be sure to staff them with […]

Chief Transformation Officer

7 top capabilities for Chief Transformation Officer

Leadership is critical to any digital transformation initiative. The ability to set a clear vision, inspire and motivate teams, drive change and deliver results are essential for success. Here are 7 Essential Capabilities for Chief Transformation Officer: 1. The ability to lead and inspire change Any digital transformation starts with leadership. Leaders need to be […]