What is a digital transformation strategist?

In a rapidly digital world, businesses must adapt or be left behind. A digital transformation strategist is key to leading a company through this change. But what does this job entail?

A digital transformation strategist is responsible for developing and executing a plan to move a company from its current state to its desired future state. This can mean anything from updating outdated technology to completely overhauling the way the business operates.

This role requires a deep understanding of both business and technology, as well as the ability to think long-term. A successful digital transformation strategist must be able to clearly communicate their vision and rally others around it.

If your company is looking to embrace the digital age, consider hiring a digital transformation strategist. With their help, you can ensure that your business remains competitive for years to come.

The skills you need to become a digital transformation strategist

In order to be a digital transformation strategist, you will need a mix of technical, business and leadership skills.

  • First and foremost, you will need to be very well-versed in technology. You should understand how various digital technologies can be used to create value for businesses. They must be able to identify emerging trends and technologies that could impact their business, and develop strategies to take advantage of these changes.
  • You will need strong business acumen. You should know how to identify business opportunities and create value propositions. Additionally, you should have experience working with different stakeholders within an organisation.
  • Strategists must have excellent problem-solving skills and be able to think creatively to develop innovative solutions for their clients. I’m a big believer that digital strategists should have a management consulting background.
  • You must also be an excellent communicator, able to clearly articulate their ideas to clients and other stakeholders.
  • You should have a broad understanding of industries and markets, as well as the various business tasks involved in your clients’ operations. You should be able to use this knowledge to identify trends and opportunities, helping clients with their strategic planning.
  • Lastly, you will need excellent leadership skills. You should be able to inspire and motivate teams of people to work towards a common goal. Additionally, you should have the ability to manage change effectively and drive results.

How to become a digital strategist

If you’re looking to get the experience needed to be a digital transformation strategist, here are a few things you can do.

  • First, consider pursuing a degree in business or a related field. This will give you a strong foundation on which to build your digital business knowledge.
  • Additionally, look for opportunities to get involved in digital projects at your current job or through internships. These experiences will be invaluable as you develop your skills as a digital transformation strategist.
  • I strongly recommend you learn all the core management consulting skills i.e. issue based consulting, building frameworks, problem solving, management consulting tools, etc..
  • Shadow or assist senior digital transformation strategist, director, or partner to gain the needed hands-on experiences.
  • Finally, make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the digital world. Reading industry blogs and following thought leaders on social media are great ways to do this.

With these steps, you’ll soon be ready to take your place as a leader in the world of digital transformation strategy!

The future of digital strategy

As the digital world continues to rapidly grow and change, businesses must also adapt their digital strategies to keep up. But what does the future of digital strategy look like?

There are a few key trends that are shaping the future of digital strategy. First, there is an increasing focus on personalisation. In order to stand out in a sea of content and ads, businesses must increasingly tailor their messaging to individual users.

Another trend is the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are becoming more and more sophisticated and can be used for tasks like target marketing and customer segmentation.

Finally, companies are starting to pay more attention to their overall customer experience. This includes everything from the design of their website to the way they handle customer service inquiries. Creating a positive customer experience will be essential for success in the future.

The challenges you may face as a digital transformation strategist

As a digital transformation strategist, you may face challenges especially in 2 main areas, organisational culture and leadership.

Organisational culture: One of the biggest challenges you may face is helping to change the organisational culture to one that is more innovation-focused. This can be difficult to do because it requires getting buy-in from senior leadership and then cascading that down through the rest of the organisation. Additionally, you will need to help create an environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks and experimenting with new ideas.

Leadership: Another challenge you may face is working with leaders who are resistant to change or who are not fully committed to the digital transformation process. It is important to get leaders on board early on and ensure that they are invested in the process so that they can provide the necessary support and resources.

Another challenge you may face is working with leaders who are resistant to change or who are not fully committed to the digital transformation process. It is important to get leaders on board early on and ensure that they are invested in the process so that they can provide the necessary support and resources.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a career change and have the necessary skills, becoming a digital transformation strategist may be right for you. With the ever-changing landscape of technology, companies are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve and be innovative. As a digital transformation strategist, you would be responsible for helping companies achieve these goals. If you are up for the challenge and want to make a difference, then this may be the career for you.

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