Check out three iOS apps available today: Volta Vol, NBA Jam and Soccer Superstars 2011.


It’s time to kill the zombies. Download this game for no good reason and enjoy unprecedented music. Tap your phone to attract zombies and cathodes. Therefore, zombies will be killed. However, the case is not really strong because the seasons change what happens from time to time. Also, the zombies look at your structure and look for some way to get it. So you want to carefully choose a staggered order to come up with alternative ways to kill them.

This game is not the same as all previous zombie games. You don’t have to worry about conservatives because they are perfect. You can’t say a negative word about the sound effects considering how obviously flawed the audio cues are. Fight zombies with your skills and get gifts. In the long run, you can liven up the image on the web and tell the world how much work you have. The wizard in this game is amazing as evidenced by the type of gameplay. Accepting that you like the game better, you should strive to achieve it.

NBA Jam:

If you love ball, this is a must have game on iOS. Use EA Sports and pick a group of 30 NBA players like you’ve never had one before. This game story can be unlocked in the same way with several players. However, if you prefer not to have them all together to unlock them all, you can also get them whenever you want from the JAM Store.

tired of playing It has 3 modes available. Either you can play with one option or you can see the value of playing with your peers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Your exceptional sign of cooperation. You have two decisions to control as D-pad in the action community, you can choose the one you want. Go to the light. This game has great storylines, fast-paced, amazing and incredible sound effects, as well as various features. Anyway, it costs $9.99. Earn money and get this game on your phone.

Football star 2011:

This game has 6 distinctive modes which are really fun. This game has 60 clubs and 3000 players in 79 countries, so you have many games available and you can choose which one you like the most. The new look matches the activations as it incorporates a header, kicks, etc.

Also you can create and grow your own launcher. Your caster starts from the piece level. Play at different times, improve your skills, train and beat information to handle your bird and develop it further. This game is tilt training. Your player can update by remembering changes to their name, body, etc.

The value of playing the most famous game in the world. It costs a bit, but what you get when you pay is loads of toys. So pay $4.99 and get this game on your phone.

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